[REL] Hold Back the Night (1999)

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[REL] Hold Back the Night (1999)

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Hold Back the Night (1999)

A story about a teenager girl who runs away in the middle of the night:

A young woman (Christine Tremarco) joins a group of protesters trying to stop the construction of a highway through a forest with the purpose of having sex with their leader (Stuart Sinclair Blyth). But when morning comes and the authorities show up to disband the protesters, she hits a man with a log.

This causes the two to have to go on the run. With the help of a sickly, but sympathetic woman (Sheila Hancock), the two slip through police roadblocks. Traveling with her, they learn she is an ex-army lesbian who just wants to see a final sunrise at the Orkney Islands before her death.
Source seems to be Italian, thus the movie may also be in Italian...

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