[REL] Hope and Glory (1987)

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[REL] Hope and Glory (1987)

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Just noticed that "Hope and Glory" is mentioned in this thread, but there appears to be no entry, so I add one.


I can make a DVD rip, but I guess enough eMule sources exist already.
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Re: [REL] Hope and Glory (1987)

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This is a good movie & one I've got on DVD, meaning to rip & release at some stage. As you say, there are existing well-sourced eMule versions around the 700mb mark..........I'm sure a 2cd size nice quality rip would be much appreciated............
This was trotted out on UK TV as part of the Film Four series on a regular basis. I never tired of the scene where the young girl lined the boys up & collected their money to have a look down the front of her............... :eyecrazy

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Re: [REL] Hope and Glory (1987)

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had this copy for a while. i am not sure who the originator was. torrent download. anyway good quality

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