[REL] Yesterday's Children (2000) (TV)

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[REL] Yesterday's Children (2000) (TV)

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Yesterday's Children (2000) (TV)

This is a true story. Living in the middle US with her loving husband (Clancy Brown) and her teenage son (Kyle Howard), Jenny Cole (Jane Seymour) was pregnant with her second child. At the same time, she started having vivid, recurring dreams about a poor, big family living in Ireland about half a century ago. Jenny's memories became more and more intense.

She talked about it to her mother, who showed Jenny her drawings about that small town, Malahide when she was a little girl. Jenny also went see a psychologist in hope to find out more about the Irish woman's life which constantly appeared in her dreams. In her memories, the woman,

Mary Sutton had four children, one still born baby and soon later another baby girl. As well as her abusive husband. Jenny was determined to track down all the children, so she went to Ireland and her search began. She set out to make the Suttons reunite, after all these decades...

Mary Sutton's life was short misery. She died at the age of 37 due to ill health.Throughout her life she had never been treasured by her husband. Now Jenny believed that she was Mary in her past incarnation and that her mission was to bring Mary's children together, so Mary's last wish could be fulfilled...

The acting, the score are heartbreaking. The tale is simply touching. Now, the question is: Do you believe in reincarnation?
Not sure about this one :?

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