[REL] Mandy (1952)

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[REL] Mandy (1952)

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AKA Crash Of Silence/The Story Of Mandy, USA working titles.


Harry and Christine Garland have a deaf-mute daughter, Mandy. As they realise their daughter's situation, the parents enrol Mandy in special education classes to try to get her to speak. They quarrel in the process and their marriage comes under strain. There are also hints of a possible affair between Christine and Searle, the headmaster of the school for the deaf where Mandy is enrolled. Eventually, the training succeeds to the point where Mandy says her own name for the first time.

File Name .......: Mandy 1952 isoRip loverboy.avi
File Size .......: 1,397.32 MB
Duration ........: 01:29:29
Video Codec .....: XviD MPEG-4 codec
Video Bitrate ...: 2023 KB/s
Resolution ......: 720 x 544
Aspect Ratio ....: 1.32:1
Framerate .......: 25 FPS
Audio Codec .....: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Audio Bitrate ...: 160 KB/s (CBR)
Channels ........: 2 Ch
Language .......: ENGLISH

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English subs. This movie is British & from an era where the dialect is very precise & clipped. Even native English speakers may struggle a bit without them.
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Re: [REL] Mandy (1952)

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I think I saw this on late-night movies about ten years ago. Thanks loverboy.
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Re: [REL] Mandy (1952)

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Phuzzy4242 wrote:I think I saw this on late-night movies about ten years ago. Thanks loverboy.
Well, I never saw this before, but I'm sure as hell anxious to see it now!!!! :lol:

Many MANY thanks, lb! This looks loverly, as the girl is cute-as-pie! :heart :heart

I was raised with a deaf-mute cousin and was somewhat proficient with American Sign Language in my youth; to the point of signing for a couple of church services as a young adult. (I really sucked, and after the second time wasn't asked to fill in again. That's pretty much when I quit practicing signing, and these days the alphabet is all I can remember [with a sporadic word here and there]. )

Thanks again; I look forward to getting this d/loaded!!

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Re: [REL] Mandy (1952)

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Thanks, lb. Looking forward to watching this. :)
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Re: [REL] Mandy (1952)

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WOW. LB is back !!!
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Re: [REL] Mandy (1952)

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He won't be entirely back,until we see the jammin' moggy.
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