[REL] Devil Winds (2003)

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[REL] Devil Winds (2003)

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Devil Winds (2003)


Genevieve Buechner (Saint Monica) fans only I would think as she has a very small role :( And it doesn't have a good write up lol...
This could be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I rented it a few nights ago with no knowledge of this movie. I understand TV movies aren't the highest budgeted in the world, but I'm fairly sure if they'd used stock footage of tornadoes instead of special effects the movie would have been a lot better.

Basically(possible spoilers) the movie is about a man who loses his wife to a tornado in Oklahoma. He moves to Seattle, WA, and his daughter grows and goes to school back in Oklahoma. 10 years after the tornado kills his wife, he comes back to see his daughter, who has now grown up, graduate college(I think). The man has since given up his storm chasing days, but when he gets to Oklahoma and is reunited with his old storm chasing buddy he soon rekindles his spirit for tracking storms. The man soon realizes another storm is going to produce killer tornadoes again. He's right. Eventually this one tornado, an F5, comes after him. His daughter works in a disease control facility and the building isn't up to code. It's now up to him to overcome his dispute with his daughter and save all of central Oklahoma.

Seriously, the worst special effects in the world. Also, the music was ripped off of Twister, only they played the music through a Nintendo and called it original. If you're looking for a good tornado movie, I'd recommend Twister. If you want one that was made for TV I'd recommend the Night of the Twisters. It's not great, but it's better then Devil Winds.
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