[REL] Mean Creek (2004)

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[REL] Mean Creek (2004)

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Re: [REL] Mean Creek (2004)

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It all begins in a small Oregon town, when shy Sam (RORY
CULKIN) confesses to his protective older brother Rocky that
he is getting pummeled daily by the towering school bully
George. Together, they plan the perfect payback, inviting
George on a birthday river trip tailor-made to end in the
bully's humiliation. Rocky's pals Clyde and Marty and Sam's
budding girlfriend Millie also join the journey, which starts
almost immediately with misgivings. Seeing George in a new
light, as a lonely kid desperate for friendship and attention,
Sam wants to call the whole thing off. But the boat and the
plot are already in motion, and no one can foresee the
surprises and accidents that are to come.

Worth a watch, not on-topic though ;)


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