[REL] The Safety of Objects (2001)


[REL] The Safety of Objects (2001)

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Go Fish writer-director Rose Troche crafts a series of short stories into a look at the secrets and tragedies of a group of neighbours in American suburbia

A peek behind the chintz curtains of American middle class homes, The Safety Of Objects - like Blue Velvet and American Beauty before it - focuses on the secrets and frustrations of life in an everyday neighbourhood.

Of course, the people who live there have both average and decidedly unusual problems to deal with. There is Esther Gold (Close) who cares for her comatose son Paul (Jackson) at home, neglecting her husband and daughter in the process. Neighbour Annette (Clarkson), once Paul's older lover, now watches him lie silent and still in his bed from her bedroom across the street. There's also lawyer Jim (Mulroney) who spends more time at work than with his wife (Kelly) and pubescent son, Jake (House), who's own problems include a possibly unhealthy obsession with his sister's Barbie-like doll Tani.

Notes: dont know much about this one except to say I spotted it on CVMC



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