[REL] Lady in White (1988)

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[REL] Lady in White (1988)

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Lady in White (1988)

When ten year old Frankie (Lukas Haas) is locked inside his school's cloakroom by two devilish peers (Jared Rushton, Gregory Levinson), he has a vision which tells him of a girl's murder and then finds her killer literally at his throat.

Our young hero survives the attack but is unable to identify the perpetrator. As the locals try pinning the child murders that have haunted their town for a number of years on a Black man, Frankie finds himself drawn closer and closer to the truth. Will he reveal it before it is too late? A good gothic mystery/thriller.
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Re: [REL] Lady in White (1988)

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Rich's links are dead but there are plenty of sources for Debaser's. I've seen this film and it's FLM-ready. I don't know why it was in Unverified but I'm moving it (back) to release...
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