[REL] Audrey Rose (1977)

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[REL] Audrey Rose (1977)

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Viewed this and is very good. Same mould as Excorcist (but less messy !).

A New York couple experience bizarre, stalker-like behavior from an English stranger. While they attempt to bar him from their lives, he slides his way in anyway and tries to convince them that their 11-year-old girl is the reincarnation of his 11-years-departed daughter, Audrey Rose.

Janice and Bill Templeton, a happily married couple, the parents of well-adjusted preteen Ivy. But every time it get near Ivy birthday, Ivy keeps having nightmare and she about explain what the nightmare about but she don't remember what about,but there are worried about her nightmare. But the family lives turns upside down when a mysterious man keeps follow them around; at first mistaken for a potential child molester, the man introduce himself as Elliot Hoover. He told about the lose of his wife and his five-year-old daughter, Audrey Rose who died from car accident, while his lose of his family he meet two psychs who told him that his daughter is alive again. There don't believe Hoover story and they think he's crazy, but Ivy nightmare grows worse, but this time scream and run around the room bang her hands at the window, Could Hoover story of reincarnation is true...?


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enjoy !!
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Re: [REL] Audrey Rose (1977)

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thanks for the release of this film i had it on vhs but lost quite a few vids when we moved house 2 years ago
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Re: [REL] Audrey Rose (1977)

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English version and much better quality:

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Re: [REL] Audrey Rose (1977)

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Upgrade at YTS/YIFY. :D
http://yts.to/movie/audrey-rose-1977 1.65 GB, 1080p.
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Re: [REL] Audrey Rose (1977)

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anothr BR rip i'm hapy to avail . . .
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