[REL] The Candy Snatchers (1973)


[REL] The Candy Snatchers (1973)

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Candy is 16 and on her way home from school when 3 people in a van sweep her off her feet and put her in a hole in the ground. With oxygen, of course. Seems like Candy has been targeted as "most likely to yield diamonds" to the 3 kidnappers, who have been staking her out and her father, who works at a jewelry store specializing in diamonds. There's only one problem though: Her father is only her stepfather, and if Candy was to die before her 21st birthday he gets 1/2 of her trust fund, which is why he's married her mother in the first place...and he's been VERY patient, waiting for SOMETHING to happen. So now, the kidnappers have Candy and nothing else, and they certainly aren't of a mind to help dear old dad out in achieving his goal. There is also a small autistic boy (who can't speak) who has witnessed the burial of Candy, and he attempts to bring this matter to light with his parents, but they're too caught up in their own screwed-up lives to pay much heed to what he's trying to bring to their attention. The scenes with this child are amazing, for as young as he is, he does quite well in his role. As the situation with Candy and what to do with her worsens, the kidnappers begin to turn on each other because one wants to make sure Candy is OK and the others just want to kill her since she's no longer of any use. Considering that this is a low budget drive-in movie, it's actually well done and the acting is decent, especially Ben Piazza as the cold-as-ice stepfather. The ending is quite grim though, and leaves one thing unresolved but there's pretty much only one thing that could have happened. I found this to be pretty interesting and and well done for a low-budget movie and I thought it was well worth seeing. 8 out of 10, check it out if you like 70's exploitation flicks.....IMDB

Personally I liked this one: Candy is played by an actress aged well over 16, but is a convincing enough schoolgirl for me, plus she is in school uniform the entire movie, well except for the "grim" ending - hubba hubba ;)

The true child aged element is that of the little boy.
Although my interest (as if you couldnt guess) lies with Candy :)



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Re: [REL] The Candy Snatchers (1973)

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Said magic words for me DB :-))
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