[REL] Kids World (2001)

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[REL] Kids World (2001)

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Kids World (2001)

What would you wish for if you were eleven and could have anything in the world? Your parents don't understand you. Your teenage brother is constantly getting you in trouble...for things he did! You're in love with the twelve-year-old girl across the street... who, unfortunately, is dating the local bully.

Then, one afternoon, while being chased by the bully, you fall into a sinkhole, which happens to be in an ancient Indian burial ground. You find a glass, which you discover turns out to be a witchdoctor's Wishing Glass.

When Ryan Mitchell discovers the Wishing Glass, he wishes that all the teenagers and parents would disappear. Soon it's "Kids World," with no adults and teenagers - nobody over the age of 12 anywhere! You can only imagine what happens next...
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Rich :)

Damn, cannot see the full source :evil: ..... time will tell ;)

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(REL) Kids World (2001) [New Zealand]

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Daybreak Pacific Films - 93 min.

Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Blake Foster, Michael Purvis, Anton Tennet.
Screenplay: Michael Lach; Photography: Neil Cervin; Editor: Douglas Braddock; Music: Bruce Lynch; Production Designer: Mark Robins; Producers: Grant Bradley, Tom Taylor; Director: Dale G. Bradley.

Ryan Mitchell (Foster) is 12 years old and his patents don't understand him, his teenage brother is constantly getting him in trouble and he's got a crush on the girl across the street, who is dateing the local bully. One afternoon he finds a witchdoctor's wishing glass which he uses to wish away all the parents and teenagers. But then the bully gets the wishing glass. Although a kids movie, the kids are sometimes cruel and not the typical cutsy children of many Hollywood films

When 12-year-old Ryan Mitchell and his friends discover an enchanted “wishing wand,” they decide to make all of the parents and adults disappear. For a short while, it’s non-stop partying and playing in “KIDS WORLD.” That is, until the kids discover that the world runs a lot better with grown-ups to man the restaurants, toy shops and hospitals. But things go from bad to worse when some bullies steal the wishing wand and start building a dark and militaristic empire. It’s up to the simple-minded Leo -- the only adult who did not disappear with Ryan’s wish -- to rally all the good children and restore the balance before the bad kids ruin the planet! This award winning family film teaches the importance of rules and respect for adults while thoroughly entertaining children with this popular and amusing fantasy

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duplicate post

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found this duplicate post while checking if 'kids world' was posted already.

https://www.first-loves.net/forums/v ... php?t=1362

https://www.first-loves.net/forums/v ... .php?t=349

any point in posting this?

File Name ..............: Kids World.avi
File Size (in bytes) ...: 1,438,268,336 bytes
Runtime ................: 1:36:33

Video Info
Video Codec ............: XviD 1.2 SMP
Frame Size .............: 640x480 (AR: 1.333)
FPS ....................: 23.976
Video Bitrate ..........: 1817 kb/s

Audio Info
Audio Codec ............: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
Sample Rate ............: 48000 Hz
Audio Bitrate ..........: 160 kb/s [2 channel(s)] CBR
No. of audio streams ...: 1

Language: English
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Re: duplicate post

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The link that is listed in those threads seems to be completely dead (not a single source seen in the last 12 months). So unless somebody still has the original file, a new link might be needed. I suspect that the movie is not much OT, though.
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Re: duplicate post

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BizarreLoveTriangle wrote:...I suspect that the movie is not much OT, though.
Beyond that, the first thing I notice is that neither post generated that much interest. :sleeping With MY post, YOUR thread has officially garnered more attention than both 'Kid's World' threads put together. ;)

If you've viewed this movie and determined that it INDEED is worth watching and deserves another shot, I would make a post under Rich's thread since it was the first mention of the movie.

Thanks for catching this fopah. :thumbsup

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