[REL] The 12 Dogs Of Christmas (2005)

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[REL] The 12 Dogs Of Christmas (2005)

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Starring the very attractive


12-year-old Emma (Jordan Claire-Green) brings the meaning of Christmas to a small rural town during a bleak season. Sent to live with her Aunt Delores (Bonita Friedericy) in down-and-out Doverville, the irrepressible Emma sets out to treat the community to an inspiring pageant starring some spirited canines -- much to the dismay of the local dog catcher..


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Re: [REL] The 12 Dogs Of Christmas

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I am sure this was already released here PD (or I am completely losing my marbles). I have had this for ages - it is a wonderful story and would have posted if it had not already been.

Admins, can you check the search functionality again please - meanwhile I will consult my psychiatrist :-)
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Re: [REL] The 12 Dogs Of Christmas

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If it was released here, the listing is gone, it's not a search problem. TheLost posted his own rip to the newsgroup in December, maybe that's what you recall?
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