[REL] Believers (2007)

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[REL] Believers (2007)

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Info links:

Members of the mysterious Quanta Group are hours away from fulfilling their destiny. They will leave the Earth, abandoning it before the purging fire to come. But there's a sudden snag in their plan. Two paramedics enter the group's remote compound - outsiders who could disrupt the secretive cult and the bizarre commands of the leader called The Teacher (Daniel Benzali). From Raw Feed comes a suspenseful plunge into what could be a countdown to eternity, an eerie tale written and directed by Daniel Myrick (The Blair Witch Project). Is Quanta's fantastical plan the beginning of the end or the start of a new beginning? Watch. Decide. Believe if you must. Resist if you dare.
A very cute Saige Ryan Campbell seems to have a good bit of screentime! ;)


More pix at 'Childstarlets':
http://childstarlets.com/captures/movie ... versd.html


Finally, the ed2k link: ;)
Like this post to see ed2k links  [701.00 Mb]

(To be honest, this is not my rip, but a find; and not really confirmed at that... :blush BUT there are lots of links available, though most seem to be in Spanish.)

Available also on 'rapidshare':
Just scroll down the page and the movie is in 7 parts.

Looks like a somewhat interesting film from the director of 'Blair Witch Project'...

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Re: [REL] Believers (2007)

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A little checking around (vcdquality.com) shows that the VoMiT group did indeed do a release of this three weeks ago. This is the "unrated" DVD release, 2 minutes longer than the R-rated DVD release, which is odd because the movie seems to be direct-to-DVD. A horror movie from the director of the Blair Witch project.
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