[REL] Flightplan (2005)

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[REL] Flightplan (2005)

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More Jodie & I do like Sean Bean...........can be a real evil bas*ard!

A variation on the locked room mystery, the movie depicts what happens after Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) boards a fictional Aalto Airlines flight from Berlin to New York with her six-year-old daughter Julia (Marlene Lawston). After falling asleep and waking up about three hours into the flight, Kyle discovers her daughter is missing. She searches the plane for her daughter, but is then told that according to the passenger manifest her daughter never boarded the flight. None of her fellow passengers remember having seen her either.
A search of the plane fails to find Julia. The captain (Sean Bean) refuses to allow the cargo hold to be searched because he is afraid that the searchers could be hurt if the freight shifts because of turbulence. Both the captain and the other crew members suspect that Kyle is unhinged by her husband's recent death, and has imagined bringing her daughter aboard the aircraft. She has no boarding pass stub for her daughter, and, according to the gate at the Berlin airport, no one by her daughter's name was on the manifest. In addition, the flight attendant who took the passenger headcount never saw anyone in the seat that Julia was supposed to have occupied. Faced with the crew's increasing skepticism regarding her daughter's existence, Kyle becomes more and more desperate, frantic, and erratic in her behavior, continuing to insist that she brought her daughter on board the aircraft with her and that Julia must be somewhere inside it. Because of her increasingly erratic, panicked behavior, Carson (Peter Sarsgaard), the flight's air marshal, is ordered by the captain to guard her.
Kyle herself begins to doubt that she brought her daughter along after being told Julia had died together with her husband, but becomes confident she is not imagining things when she notices the heart Julia had earlier fingered on the window by her seat. Because Kyle is an aeronautical engineer and had helped to design the engines used on the aircraft, a fictional Elgin E-474[1] commercial aircraft, she is able to make use of her knowledge of the aircraft's layout and escapes to hunt for her daughter. She even opens her late husband's coffin, which she is transporting back to the United States. Carson finds her and escorts her back to her seat.
At this point it is revealed that Carson and Stephanie (an on-board flight attendant), plus a coroner in Berlin, are the true villains. Carson has devised a complicated scheme to con the airline into transferring 50 million USD to a bank account, claiming that Kyle has revealed herself to him to be a hijacker and is threatening to blow up the aircraft with explosives hidden in the un-x-rayed coffin unless her demands are met. In fact, the villains have previously killed Kyle's husband and have now abducted Julia to create this situation so they can frame Kyle as the hijacker and extortionist. After the plane lands they intend to obliterate Julia's body by detonating the explosives, now moved to the avionics section at the front of the plane beside the unconscious child, and leave Kyle dead on the plane with the detonator in her hand.
After making an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Labrador, the plane's passengers evacuate. As the captain leaves, Kyle stops him and asks him to leave all food carts because she wants the plane sealed. The captain then says, "Like I have any choice." Kyle then stops him a second time and tells the captain that she knows she broke the law but she believes that she will find Julia. The captain is fed up and tells her that he is tired of her fake story and that her money has been wired, just like she demanded. Kyle stands there confused, but as the captain leaves she puts the pieces together and discovers that Carson is behind all of it. As soon as the plane is sealed, Carson turns around and Kyle knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher. Kyle handcuffs him to a rail and removes the bomb detonator from his pocket. Carson then comes to and pulls a concealed gun from his leg and starts to shoot. Stephanie uncuffs Carson and he chases after Kyle. She runs to the cockpit and locks herself in. While Carson is trying to convince her to open the door, she opens a latch to the upper level and throws a binder to fool him into thinking she is escaping. Carson moves away from the door to try to head her off when he hears the thud, and Kyle escapes to try once again to find Julia. Kyle sees Stephanie, and walks toward her while she talks about how she wouldn't believe that Stephanie would want to hurt Julia. This distracts Stephanie, and then Kyle knocks her down by a single punch. Stephanie then panics and decides to abandon Carson and flee the plane.
After Carson discovers the binder that Kyle threw, he runs to check if she had found her daughter, but Kyle has found the unconscious Julia and moved her to a hiding place farther back in the airplane. As Carson is approaching the area where he left Julia, he exclaims that it had been easy to take her and bring her into the avionics bay via a service elevator without any of the passengers noticing. Carson arrives at the front of the plane and discovers Julia gone. He turns to resume his hunt, and sees Kyle escaping through a small door with the detonator in her hand. Carson says, "What, are you going to kill all of us?" Kyle replies calmly, "No, just you." Carson fires bullets as she closes the door, and she then detonates the explosives, killing Carson instantly and seriously damaging the front end of the plane.
Kyle, carrying Julia, manages to exit via a cargo door, and the FBI, flight passengers, and crew members all look at Kyle in amazement as she carries her daughter out onto the tarmac. The next morning Kyle receives apologies from the captain and the passengers look guiltily at her. A white Dodge Grand Caravan arrives to pick up Kyle and Julia. Julia then wakes up and asks, "Are we there yet?" Kyle laughs and they are taken off.

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Not my rip.........thanks to the original poster.

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