[REL] Carry Me Home (2004)

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[REL] Carry Me Home (2004)

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Carry Me Home (2004)

A period drama that deals with a mother and daughter's coping with the death of their husband and father during the Second World War, CARRY ME HOME was directed by TV veteran Jace Alexander. In postwar upstate New York, Harriet (Penelope Ann Miller) must raise her child by herself while struggling with her own loneliness. Carrie, her daughter, is a tomboy and troublemaker, inchoately angry about the death of her father. When wealthy Bernard begins to court Harriet, Carrie becomes even angrier at the hand that fate has dealt her, finding refuge with the mentally disturbed farmhand that lives nearby. CARRY ME HOME is a leisurely coming of age drama akin to the films of David Gordon Green. -- rottentomatoes

http://www.childstarlets.com/captures/m ... carry.html

probably nothing ot but stars the very cute Ashley Rose Orr :) ---->


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