[REL] The Baby-Sitters club (1995)

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[REL] The Baby-Sitters club (1995)

Postby Jacen » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:53 pm  0 likes


Saw this a few years ago and liked it. Features Larisa Oleynik,
a young Rachael Leigh Cook and Vanessa Zima. I wonder if anyone
has it?
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Re: [REL] The Baby-Sitters club (1995)

Postby emuler » Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:27 pm  0 likes

Requested here (by me :bigups ).
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Re: [REL] The Baby-Sitters club (1995)

Postby FLL » Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:50 pm  10 likes

emuler wrote:Requested here (by me :bigups ).

Rather than :bigups I think I'll give you a :eusa_doh for requesting this by saying "I'm not really requesting this". You might rethink that future career as a motivational speaker ;)

That REQ lost its posters in one of the 2006 database problems and the messages show up as by Guest, so I'll just copy the two messages here and delete the original.


[quote]A group of friends in junior high decide to start a summer camp for the kids they babysit. However, their plans are constantly changed by complaining neighbors, school rivals, and the ususual growing pains - from passing summer school to dating to reconnecting a relationship with an absentee father.

This light weight movie is remarkable for the staggering number of recognizable child stars, many of whom went on to have significant careers.

Schuyler Fisk
Rachael Leigh Cook
Larisa Oleynik
Vanessa Zima
Marla Sokoloff
Natanya Ross ... to name but a few; the list goes on and on.

Note: this is a lostandbroken kind of movie - you know what I mean ;) - although there are a few nice upskirt shots :lol:

I'm not really requesting this, just bringing it to your attention. I've seen it several times on the Hallmark Channel. Watchable.[/quote]
[quote="Anonymous wrote:Thanks

Iv found a clip, but iv not previewed it yet.

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I've seen that message in my wanderings around FLM and had assumed "this is a lostandbroken kind of movie" was a clue that the REQ was originally posted by "lostandbroken" which I believe is an alias of "TheLost". Even more so because I have a copy of this movie and it actually WAS ripped by TheLost. So I never bothered to release it here.

Until now.

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