[REL] Witness Protection (1999)

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[REL] Witness Protection (1999)

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Witness Protection (1999)

I have recently found myself very impressed by some of the original series coming out of HBO. I was totally crushed to find out that this was a one-time movie and not the start of another series. I feel like HBO really tapped into a topic that hasn't been explored in depth before: the psychological stress that goes along with a family having to start over from scratch. The film shows the first five days of the family living in a safe house after entering the witness protection program, and the training that they have to go through to prepare for their new life.

I thought that this film was outstanding, ESPECIALLY for a cable television production. I LOVE mafia movies, but I think that that's because it's always seemed like such a fantasy world to me. This film focuses on the reality that the family must face when they have to leave all of their money and connections behind. I thought that it was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching.

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