[REL] Children on Their Birthdays (2002)

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[REL] Children on Their Birthdays (2002)

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A fine rip by my friend Deadly from the newsgroups -
it's disputable, but I find Tania adorable in this nice film
about post-war Alabama.

I'm pretty positive this one was once posted here before - I *really* couldn't find it.


"12 year old Lily Bobbit moves to Medda, Alabama, and immediately makes an impression on the residents
when she and her friends team up to outsmart a con man, the town is changed forever.


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Set to release..

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Re: [REL] Children on Their Birthdays (2002)

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Thanks for posting, popdrome, though I agree; it was posted before...

'Disputable' is a good word for this entire movie... :(

This is taken from a short story by Truman Capote of the same name.

I read it years ago and was so taken with it that I started working on a screenplay and began investigating on how to acquire the screen rights for this story.

The story, like 'Lolita' with the death of the main protagonist:
Truman Capote wrote:"Yesterday afternoon the six-o'clock bus ran over Miss Bobbit."
The narrator then states '...There isn't much to say...' and goes on for 20 pages to tell the story of the magical 10/11 year old 'Miss Bobbit'.

It's a wonderful story, but it's translation to film is marred by many things; the least of which most certainly NOT being the fact that Miss Bobbit DIES in the story, but not in the movie... I'm not trying to throw out *spoilers*, but to me that was a VERY important point in the story, that was totally glossed over in the film. :wall

Also, my memory of the description of Miss Bobbit etched a child that looked more like Jon Bonet Ramsey, and not the dark-haired, sharp faced child that is in the film...

*WHEW* Rant over... ;)

Anyway, I did get over all my reservations when the film came out and bought it, and enjoyed it well enough.. So hopefully members will enjoy it also... Thanks again, popdrome, for the re-post.

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Re: [REL] Children on Their Birthdays (2002)

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thanks popdrome for posting this. a good little movie with a great story that i think is an important message for everyone. i too hope others will enjoy this and be better persons for seeing it.

:bigups :clap

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Re: [REL] Children on Their Birthdays (2002)

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Excellent movie! Highly recommended!! :icon_1dancingban
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