[REL] Smile Jenny You're Dead (1974) TV

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[REL] Smile Jenny You're Dead (1974) TV

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Gradually filling up the gaps in the early Jodie material.

Made for television movie that served as the pilot for David Jansson's "Harry O" series. A man is murdered and an ex-cop turned private detective begins investigating with signs pointing towards the victim's wife and her boyfriend.
From IMDB:
As a beach-front living private investigator with a bullet still lodged in his back, David Janssen made a terrific, hard-bitten crime-fighter of the Old School (not quite Bogie, maybe a latter-day Dana Andrews). This pilot for his very successful TV series "Harry O" is mostly memorable though for young Jodie Foster, playing a pre-teen street urchin waiting for her shoplifting mother to get out of jail (the movie opens with a beautiful shot of Foster asleep on Janssen's boat, The Answer). Foster has all the best lines in the movie, and she reads them straight--without a hint of precociousness. As a murder-mystery, the film lags a bit and as a film it certainly doesn't benefit from future-director Zalman King's unpleasant presence (he's like a second-rate Marjoe Gortner). But for Foster-philes it's a goldmine, and students of cinematography should study that amazing first shot. 'The Answer' indeed!

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I personally wouldn't have chosen to encode using the DivX codec but the quality is quite good so I've left alone.
Not mine although I have edited.........thanks to the originator.

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Re: [REL] Smile Jenny You're Dead (1974) TV

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damn jodie looks great! hadn't heard of this one thanks loverboy!
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Re: [REL] Smile Jenny You're Dead (1974) TV

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thanks loverboy. i love all her old films. :thumbsup

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Re: [REL] Smile Jenny You're Dead (1974) TV

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OMG I just watched this..

but she never looked better. Very nice to have this in my collection.

THANKS! excellent post. :icon_idea2
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