[REL] Beyond Witch Mountain (1982)

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[REL] Beyond Witch Mountain (1982)

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I'll say straight away the quality of this rip is not particularly good but this is the 'lost' Witch Mountain movie, never having been released on VHS or DVD although I believe enthusiastic pressure is being exerted on Disney for it's release.
I came across two copies of this........both TV rips from the Disney Channel & likely the same source. This encode is from a Usenet release & although of lower initial screen resolution was of slightly better quality. It's had some pretty major manipulation, not only to the video but also the audio stream which was appalling. The end result is something equivalent to a passable & watchable VHS rip.
According to IMDB this movie is short & this one's even shorter having 'lost' 12 minutes of the original 60 minute running time. Knowing Disney, I doubt anything particularly salacious has been edited out!


File Name .......: Beyond Witch Mountain 1982 TVRip loverboy edit.avi
File Size .......: 663.19 MB
Duration ........: 00:47:56
Video Codec .....: XviD MPEG-4 codec
Video Bitrate ...: 1806 KB/s
Resolution ......: 640 x 480
Aspect Ratio ....: 1.33:1
Framerate .......: 29.970 FPS
Audio Codec .....: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Audio Bitrate ...: 128 KB/s (CBR)
Channels ........: 2 Ch

This is not a rip/encode I'm particularly proud of but worth it for the rarity & completeness of the movie series. Obviously a better quality capture would be much appreciated!

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Re: [REL] Beyond Witch Mountain (1982)

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you know i am all over this one. :dance :dance :dance

big thanks LB :cool

(another off my top 10 search list) :thumbsup

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Re: [REL] Beyond Witch Mountain (1982)

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I can't imagine an old Witch Mountain without Kim Richards, and I was never much of a Tracey Gold fan, but looks interesting nonetheless. Thanks lb!
loverboy wrote:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0249397/According to IMDB this movie is short & this one's even shorter having 'lost' 12 minutes of the original 60 minute running time.
This was probably a one hour "Wonderful World of Disney" episode, in which case those 12 minutes would be about right for commercials. IMDB often lists running time including commercials.
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Re: [REL] Beyond Witch Mountain (1982)

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I remember you posting this back in October.. I remember viewing the post and I could swear that I d/loaded it; but I can't find the file anywhere.. :think

Well, I'm d/loading now, and am VERY excited about checking this out. While FLL didn't care much for Tracey Gold [probably similar to my disdain of Kristy McNichol :wall], I found Tracey rather cute.

Once again you've come up with a rare obscurity that reminds me what I love so much about this forum!! Members such as yourself that are constantly on the watch for hidden gems to share with their forum friends!!

U da mon! :icon_1dancingban

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