[REL] A Chance Of Snow (1998)

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[REL] A Chance Of Snow (1998)

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Maddie Parker (JoBeth Williams) and her two daughters are en route to her mother's home for the Christmas holidays when they run into Maddie's estranged husband, Mitch (Michael Ontkean), who is travelling in the opposite direction. The soon-to-be ex's find themselves trapped together when the airport is closed due to a heavy fall of snow. Encouraged by their hopeful children, the parents slowly begin to rekindle their old affection for each other.
I suppose it's OK as Christmas viewing goes although I've spent too much time in airport terminals to be a particular fan of movies set virtually entirely in them. Cute enough kids, but a missed opportunity.........what about snow-capped mountains, pine forests, log fires, seasonal food & the odd furry animal? Some semblence of plot might help too! Only other thing of interest is a (very limited) soundtrack by Van Dyke Parks. He must have needed the money this time having produced the soundtracks for amongst others, 'Ociee Nash' & 'Bastard Out Of Carolina' & worked with many notables including Springsteen, Ry Cooder & Brian Wilson.


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Channels ........: 2 Ch

Thanks again to ptg for doing his usual sharing :clap

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Re: [REL] A Chance Of Snow (1998)

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i too have spent many hours in the airport and i found watching these little beauties brought back great memories. :heart

thanks again LB :thumbsup :thumbsup


i would say a little more than a chance for snow ;)
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Re: [REL] A Chance Of Snow (1998)

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Thanks, LB and ptg. I vaguely remember seeing this one many years ago. Looking forward to watching it again.
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