[REL] A Tiger Walks (1964)

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[REL] A Tiger Walks (1964)

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Quite a few Disney movies seem to be surfacing recently. First time around I would have found this decidedly cheesy but time has either mellowed me or the movie. Let's hope this brings back pleasant memories for others too!
"A Tiger Walks" is the tale of a Bengal Tiger that escapes one day from a Circus truck to run loose in and around a small town, quickly turning the place into a media frenzy. With fear, greed, and a heavy fog in the air, people's bad sides come out as they rush to capture, kill, and exploit the creature. Besides the tiger's kind, surviving keeper (a crueler keeper gets killed in pursuit of the animal), only the local sheriff (Brian Keith) is concerned with the animal's safety. That is, only the sheriff and kids across the country who have started a "Save That Tiger" campaign in response to the sheriff's daughter Julie's television interview. Julie is the real crusader for the tiger's plight, and campaign or not, without her persistence against her father's uncertainty the tiger would not stand a chance, especially when the governor has the military brought in to destroy him!

"A Tiger Walks" is a sufficiently gripping family-drama from 1964 Disney, and if you are a fan of Disney films of the time and can get behind the idea of saving dangerous animals from being needlessly slaughtered, "A Tiger Walks" will not disappoint. Most notably, it boasts a great Disney ensemble cast, with The Parent Trap's Brian Keith in the lead and Vera Miles as his wife, cutie Pamela Franklin co-starring as their young daughter Julie (you may happily remember seeing her some years later in the all-together in "The Prime of Miss Jean Brody"; she has trouble hiding her British accent a bit here), Disney Legend Kevin "Moochie" Corcoran as Julie's friend Tom, "Great Gildersleeve" Hal Peary as an exploitative kids' TV show host, Una Merkel as a greedy hotel proprietor, and Sabu in his final role as the kind Tiger trainer, among other fine and well-known performers. Nicely directed by Norman Tokar, who directed many films for Disney including a personal top fave, "The Happiest Millionaire", "A Tiger Walks" may have been labeled too childish by critics or aimed squarely at animal-film addicts at the time, but it provides solid entertainment if classic Disney live-action has ever been your cup of tea. You don't have to be a child or an animal-film lover to enjoy it!

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Re: [REL] A Tiger Walks (1964)

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WOW....another Disney gem i never heard of. :cool

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