[REL] Passport to Paris (1999)

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[REL] Passport to Paris (1999)

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During their Spring Break school vacation, twin sisters Melanie (Mary-Kate) and Allison Porter (Ashley), reluctantly travel to Paris to visit their Grandpa Edward, the U.S. Ambassador to France. Expecting a great time with their grandfather, they instead end up with his no-nonsense assistant, Jeremy Bluff, chaperoning them. While there, they befriend Brigitte, a beautiful French fashion model, and fall for two charming French boys named Jean and Michel. The girls find various ways to ditch Jeremy, so they can spend time cruising around the city on mopeds with the boys.
I noticed that most of the Olsen twins movies are on here on FLM but they stop at Switching Goals (1998). That's too bad because this was my favorite of all their movies. They were almost 13 when they made this so they were positively :heart (not to mention :drool ) The bloopers at the end are alone worth the whole download :)


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