[REL] The Sugar Creek Gang: Swamp Robber (2004)

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[REL] The Sugar Creek Gang: Swamp Robber (2004)

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The Sugar Creek Gang: Swamp Robber (2004)
Sugar Creek Gang episode 1


This is episode one of the 5 part series. Each episode is a full movie.
I will post each movie as they become
well sourced and between other releases I have coming.

Large amount of screen time of Circus played by Lexi Johnson. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1824934/
She is gorgeous in this series. Lots of screen time in every movie.
She also stars in the movie Mandie and the Secret Tunnel released here too. https://www.first-loves.net/forums/v ... lit=mandie
[Image]Circus (Lexi Johnson)

Fun movies. Every movie is a new adventure with the Sugar Creek Gang.


The kids have great chemistry with each other.

Like this post to see ed2k links  [700.44 Mb]

Enjoy :cool1
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