[REL] A Hobo's Christmas (1987)

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[REL] A Hobo's Christmas (1987)

Postby vidman49 » Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:58 pm  9 likes

Here is another cheesy Christmas movie. (Hopefully it is not already on the site - a search did not turn it up. I am getting paranoid about posting things that are already here after doing it a couple of times).


No magic and no Santa Claus, just a straight forward Christmas story.

Gerald McRaney plays Charlie, a widowed father of two. He can't forget that when he was 10-years-old his father, who had lost his job as a traveling salesman due to changing times, left the family for life as a hobo. Now, after 25 years away, his Dad has decided it is time to come home for Christmas.

Charlie's resentment toward his Dad runs deep. Three years ago Charlie had lost his job as a steel worker, but instead of running away, as he perceives his father did, he went on to join the police force in Salt Lake City. Two years ago his wife died and he has juggled single-parenting and a demanding job since then. When his dad shows up at the police station Charlie, obviously angry, offers to drive him back to the rail yards, but will not let him come home with him for Christmas.

Later, as Charlie relates the experience to his girlfriend, she says she thinks he should reconsider because the children deserve to know their grandfather. He relents and goes to find his father, but tells him it is only for one day. The children are happy to have a grandfather and want him to stay for Christmas, but the tension between father and son is often high. Though they share a love for the children and a love of woodworking, Charlie sees an unbridgeable chasm between them because of the difference in the way they handled things when they each lost their jobs while supporting their families.

Reluctantly Charlie lets his dad stay for the holiday and Chance (Charlie's Dad) involves his hobo friends in the Christmas celebration. It is a little unconventional, but heartwarming. However, it was only for the holiday. The next day the kids will wake to find that Grandpa is gone. The closure comes when Chance is finally able to quit trying to make excuses for his past and admit that he was wrong.





It is ripped from a DVD but the image is not DVD quality - the DVD itself is that way. It was made for TV, and while it is better better than VHS, it is still poor resolution. When you view the screen captures at their larger size, you can see this.

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