[REL] Invitation to Hell (1984)

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[REL] Invitation to Hell (1984)

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For the Punky fans!

Wes Cravens - Invitation to Hell

A family moves to a suburban town only to be coerced into joining a suspicious club.

Starring Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster)



And Barret Oliver (Neverending Story)



Possessed Punky - :o



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Re: [REL] Invitation to Hell (1984) [USA]

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Wrestling with daddy:
Chrissy Winslow SAID, not wrote:I'm not the good Chrissy, I'm the baaad Chrissy!!

I loved this movie in all it's cheezyness. This is a film that I know was here years ago; possibly getting lost in the translations that FLM has endured over time...

Always worth a re-release, especially to a new generation of FLM'ers... :thumbsup

Thanks, donkeykog.

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