[REL] A Little Princess (1995)

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[REL] A Little Princess (1995)

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A Little Princess (1995)

Sarah Crewe (Liesel Matthews) is the ten-year-old daughter of a wealthy businessman who places her in a New York boarding school during WWI, after he's called to fight in India. The girl quickly makes a place for herself in this upscale world through her gift for storytelling, but trouble lurks just around the corner. Cuaron has chosen to lessen the realism and harshness of the story, using elaborately designed sets to create an otherworldly atmosphere, while remaining faithful to its overall meaning.

Liesel Matthews makes a plucky and intelligent heroine, and comedy veteran Eleanor Bron is suitably chilling as the school's snobbish headmistress. While writers Richard LaGravenese and Elizabeth Chandler have rendered the characters with considerable subtlety, there's nothing here that couldn't be understood by a child.
A cute story, worth watching if you haven't seen it before ;)

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Rich :)

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Re: [REL] A Little Princess (1995)

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I was very curious about this story because I really liked Liessel Mathews in Air force one, now as a little princess.
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Re: [REL] A Little Princess (1995)

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Some very nice WEBRIPS on RARBG. I'm going for the 6.96 GB 1080p version.
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Re: [REL] A Little Princess (1995)

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I read somewhere the actress is a billionaire - something about inherited wealth?
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