[REL] Jaime (1999) [Portugal]

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[REL] Jaime (1999) [Portugal]

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Jaime (1999)


Rare boy movie, although the girl on the cover looks nice :D


Like this post to see ed2k links  [794.08 Mb]



Re: [REL] Jaime (1999) [Portugal]

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Hello, Bonjour
Mon anglais est mauvais, j'écris donc en français.
Est-ce que quelqu'un peut mettre sur Edk le film "j'aime" en entier, car apparemment personne ne l'a .... entier!
My English is bad, I thus write in French. Can somebody put on Edk the film "J'aime" in entirety, bus apparently nobody does not have .... a whole one!

Merci et bon WE
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Re: [REL] Jaime (1999) [Portugal]

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The name of the movie is "Jaime" a personal name (James), no j'aime it means "I Love" or "I Like", Please follow rules and make your request as it must be. (Country, New Topic, [Req] Name of movie, year if possible)

Please :wink:

Le nom du film est "Jaime" un nom personnel (James), aucun j'aime qu'il veut dire "I Love" ou "I Like", S'il vous plaît suivez des règles et fait votre demande comme ce doit être. (Country, New Topic, [Req] Name of movie, year if possible)

S'il vous plaît :wink:
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Re: [REL] Jaime (1999) [Portugal]

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I have seen this movie on TV many years ago. But now trying to find the best possible quality I ended up only with this one:

Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: Spanish, English, French

IMDB Link already posted
Sensitive Content: https://sensitivecontent.info/movie.php?id=609


I hope to see one day a HD version of this movie :)
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