[RREL] Savrseni krug (A Perfect Circle) (1997) [Bosnia]

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[RREL] Savrseni krug (A Perfect Circle) (1997) [Bosnia]

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Re: [RREL] Savrseni krug (A Perfect Circle) (1997) [Bosnia]

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I've uploaded this movie to Uloz now, this version has 720x400 video and 6 channels AC-3 audio. I don't have the version linked above to compare resolutions and codecs, I can only see this one is bigger. I added the MP3 audio track from a different version I have with the same length but lower resolution and the English subtitles and changed the container from avi to mkv.

https://ulozto.net/file/Nf9iwt8pUUJw/sa ... g-1997-mkv

IMDB link already posted
Sensitive Content: https://sensitivecontent.info/movie.php?id=514

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