[REL] Umut (1970) [Turkey]

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[REL] Umut (1970) [Turkey]

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Umut (1970)
CVMC wrote:Cabbar, a destitute carriage driver from Adana, leads a life of misery, struggling to make ends meet for his wife, ageing mother and five children. He invests all his hope in lottery tickets; only fortune never smiles on him. Cabbar is squeezed by his creditors, pushed around and humiliated. One of his horses dies; the creditors appropriate the other. In the end, his only way forward is to hunt for buried treasure under the directions of a hodja with powerful insight.

Considered one of the greatest directors of all time, Yilmaz Guney writes, directs and performs in Umlet (Hope). He weaves a realism vested in the people (children are beaten for spending 25 piasters for hiring a bicycle), in the downtrodden women, in small things like a dog licking the spilt milk off a child... all which can only resonate from life experience.

Unlikely to have major child roles :think 1 complete source...

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Re: Umut (1970)

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Umut (1970) Turkey
aka Hope




Rich's link still has sources.
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