[REL] Virdzina (1991) [Yugoslavia]

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[REL] Virdzina (1991) [Yugoslavia]

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"Virgina" tells a tale from the end of the 19th century. It took place in a isolated village near the Adriatic Sea. Because of the extreme patriarchal culture there is a superstition that families without male heirs are cursed. When the wife of a farmer gives birth to their fourth daughter, father decides that the child will become a so-called "Virgina" and that she will live as a man, so that she can work and be the family heir. This heartbreaking story of Virgina's life is told with strong words, augmented with harsh environment. Written by Mooney

i waited a long time for a decent copy of this,CG provided at a rate of between 0.5kbs and 3kbs usually for a few hours every couple of days.
got it though.








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Re: [REL]Virdzina(1991){Yugoslavia}

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Thanks starfish. You keep finding some neat movies.

Such a sad story. The young "man" desperately wanted to be what "he" really was but the culture wouldn't allow it.
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