[REL] Ne dao bog većeg zla (2002) [Croatia]

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[REL] Ne dao bog većeg zla (2002) [Croatia]

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Ne dao bog većeg zla/God Forbid A Worse Thing Should Happen/Ne dao Bog veceg zla(2002)

Director: Snjezana Tribuson
In the house next to the cemetery in a small provincial town during the sixties, a meditative eleven-year-old boy, Frula, proceeds to enter adolescence to the sound of funeral marches and the mournful chiming of the bell atop the cemetery chapel. Surrounded by a grunting father, a coddling mother, a contrary grandmother, a straight-laced sister and arrogant school-mates, Frula will have to prove himself and claim his rightful place.
  In 1960s Frula, a 11-year old teenager, lives with his family in a little provincial town. He is growing up: the firstdates, the firstgoingouttothecinemaandrock'n'rollconcerts, the firstTVs…
  Branko, his grumpy father, used to be a respectable member of the Communist party. When the company he was employed in sufferedafinancialbreakdown,hedecided to start his own company. Nevenka, Frula's attentive mother, works as a teacher, trying to be a good wife, a good mother, a good sister, a good mother-in-law and a good housewife.
  Ruza, Frula's grandmother is senile, his uncle Emil is a small criminal and always in confrontation with the police. Biba, Frula's little waspish sister, is not satisfiedwithher growing-up. Amid his difficultfamilyandarrogantschoolfriends,Frula must earn recognition for himself. He is witnessing all the changes occurring in the family, and tries to understand who he really is.
  This delightfully humorous film set in provincial Croatia follows the story of Frula from pre- to post-adolescence, and documents a painfully slow coming of age, offering a sidelong glance at life under Tito. Family troubles, school life, a fascination with motion pictures and a lasting love affair with the daughter of the local cinema projectionist form the backbone of an intimately engaging personal history. Frula is divided between the need for his father's affection and the temptations offered by his maternal uncle, a gambler and black-marketeer who brings a gun and condoms into the house and spends several years in jail. Yet a happy ending is close at hand as Frula graduates, gains the affection of his beloved -- and boards the coach to Zaghreb to attend university.

IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0329421/

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Re: [REL]Ne dao bog većeg zla(2002)

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Thank you for post, appcht.
Only one thing - this is definitely not a Czech movie.
It should be moved to Unlisted (Croatia).


Thx, J.
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Re: [REL] Ne dao bog većeg zla (2002) [Croatia]

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Thanks appcht. I love films from this part of the world - maybe it's a different perspective.
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