[REL] Tarflowers / Mr. Edmund (1990)

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[REL] Tarflowers / Mr. Edmund (1990)

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Double Feature Tarflowers and Mr. Edmund

Both these are rare finds.
A couple of films from Australian Children's Television Foundation Studios
https://www.first-loves.net/forums/v ... =46&t=7864

The two films were part of one single file even though the source was dvd(no chapters) and
the dvd had a lot of noise and interlacing problems.
I had to cut them individually to their own file and did some filtering. Turned out pretty good.
Smooth playback and cleaner picture. Sound was good so I left it untouched.


Tarflowers: Kev is special. Every garbage night, he and his dog, Big, go out to paint 'tarflowers' on fences and walls. Kev reckons they will die if he doesn't. Sour old Mrs. Pearl think Kev is just a vandal and wants to give him 'special training'. But when the tarflowers blossom, everyone sees that Kev's magic is real. An urban fairytale about a simple boy and his belief in his own magic.
This film was very hard to find any info on. The little girls character name is Mary played by Vanessa Goddard. She is very sweet and adorable. :heart


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Mr. Edmund: Twelve year old Cherry Williams befriends Mr. Edmund, who is one of the rather impoverished guests at her mother's boarding house. Mr. Edmund has a dream that one day he will sing at the Sydney Opera House. Cherry has a dream too, that one day she will be a lawyer. Cherry's mother believes these are foolish dreams and urges the two of them to 'grow up'. Mr. Edmund, Cherry and her younger brother Sam save old Mrs. Finkel from a bag snatcher. She is grateful and when she hears of Mr. Edmund's dream, she insists on hiring the Opera House Concert Hall for him for one night. They are all to participate in the concert. On the big day Mr. Edmund, Cherry and Sam learn that Mrs. Finkel is dying in hospital and that she did not really have the money to hire the concert hall. Cherry thinks that her mother has been right all along; dreams are for kids. Mr. Edmund, however, is determined.
This one stars Rebecca Smart http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0806693/ :heart
Many of you may know her from a couple of other films released here. The Coca-Cola Kid and The Shiralee.


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Enjoy :thumbsup

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Re: [REL] Tarflowers / Mr. Edmund (1990)

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Thanks for this one ptg. Rare gems for sure.
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Re: [REL] Tarflowers / Mr. Edmund (1990)

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ptguardian wrote:...The little girls character name is Mary played by Vanessa Goddard. She is very sweet and adorable. :heart
...and she is kev's 'special' friend!! :twisted:

Thanks for posting these shows, ptg! Very cute.

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