[REL] Superkid (2006)

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[REL] Superkid (2006)

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A Hong Kong movie with a cute Korean girl and a Chinese boy with a Japanese name as the leads.
See the links for details!

Contains a review of the film.

http://www.fivestarlaser.com/shop/movie ... d=RiQGqmfc
A synopsis of the film, copied below for those who are too lazy to click the link. :biggrin

Daichi Harashima plays a kid fed on genetically engineered food produced by a company called "Superkid", thus having far higher IQ than kids of his age while suffering from mania. Fleeing from Superkid Company's laboratory, this highly intelligent boy comes across Sum-tung (Cho Jung Eun, the little Jang Geum), and she helps him to fight against Superkid Company's unscrupulous owner. Sum-tung's widowed father (Gordon Lam) also joins the kids in this operation, and in the course both the father and daughter start to reflect on their relationship with each other…

Some pics:

DVD cover:

The superkid:

The girl:

The girl again!

And here's the emule link:
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Have fun guys! :cool1

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Re: [REL] Superkid (2006)

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Thanks Jacen - like your releases
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