[REL] Xilu xiang AKA Little Cheung (2002)

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[REL] Xilu xiang AKA Little Cheung (2002)

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Xilu xiang AKA Little Cheung (2002)
In 1997, Little Cheung is a street-wise nine-year-old boy living in a bustling neighbourhood of Hong Kong, just before the reunification with China. His parents are always working at their restaurant, so Little Cheung becomes much closer to his grandmother and her Filipino maid Armi. Little Cheung befriends Fan, a girl his age who is an illegal immigrant from China.

He splits his tips with her when she helps him deliver take-outs for his father. The pair have some amusing adventures, and delight in peeing in the drinks of a troublesome thug. Against his father's will, Little Cheung starts searching for his older brother, whom his father disowned because he became a gangster.
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Re: [REL] Xilu xiang (2002)

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I have been trying to download this 0ne for 2 months....

In that time I have never seen a full source :cry:

CD1 only 89 mb downloaded

CD2 only 265 mb downloaded

Sadly, another source is needed for Little Cheung :cry:
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