[REL] Mozart in China (2008)

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[REL] Mozart in China (2008)

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http://www.br.de/fernsehen/bayerisches- ... na100.html

A young Chinese Austrian boy invites his friend Danny to spend their summer vacation at the house of his grandfather on Hainan Island on the southern tip of China. Mozart, a theater marionette, comes alive that night, hides in Danny’s suitcase and flies with the two to China.With the help of his granddaughter Lin Lin, Grandfather restores his shadow theater. A friendship develops between Danny and Lin Lin, and Mozart falls in love with the beautiful shadow princess, for whom he composes the “Chinese Sonata.”A catastrophe arrives when the loan shark comes knock at Grandfather’s door. As the colorful shadow puppets come to life in the shadow theater only, Mozart and the kids have to find a solution to keep the theater intact. Will they succeed? (RFF)

Recorded this morning per RFF announcement.

German/Chinese language, no subs.
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Re: [REL] Mozart in China (2008)

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Lin Lin lookin' lovely!! :heart :heart

Many thanks, yoko. Another nice addition to the FLM library. :thumbsup

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Re: [REL] Mozart in China (2008)

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Thank you so much yoko!!! This is a movie I have been waiting for ages to see.
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