[REQ] Fleur de l'âge, La (1947)

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[REQ] Fleur de l'âge, La (1947)

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from IMBb:
In pre-war France, children were jailed under horrific conditions. The film tells of the massive escape that took place on the island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, and of the child hunt that ensued.

Not sure about this one, but the plot sounds interesting. And it stars a 15 year old Anouk Aimée.
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Re: [REQ] Fleur de l'âge, La (1947)

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More info...

La fleur de l'âge (1947)
The Flower of the Ages

http://www.marcel-carne.com/les-films-d ... technique/
marcel-carne.com wrote:The Flower of the Ages is the great cursed movie by Marcel Carné.

In 1937, Jacques Prévert wrote his first script, The Island of Lost Children, based on a true story of the time. The Breton island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer was an reform school for children, but one day there was an escape and tourists and residents began the chase of these young offenders with the police. Jacques Prévert had written one of his strongest poems The Hunting and Child that Marianne Oswald sang beautifully, but censorship prevented them from carrying out this project that was written with Daniele Darrieux as lead actress, and thus before Funny Drama.

The project has come out of the finish of Doors of the Night in 1946 but there was a bad spell on this film which was interrupted during filming due to Breton's terrible climate and weather, and again on Carne, for lack of a solid producer. Here begins the legend surrounding this film because 25 minutes were finished at the time and the reels would have been lost if we are to believe what Carné said in his memoirs (My life with gusto, editions of the archipelago, 1996).
Wikipedia says this film was never finished...

http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Fleur_d ... m,_1947%29
wikipedia wrote:The Flower of age (movie, 1947)

The Flower of age is an unfinished film by Marcel Carné . It takes the screenplay written by Jacques Prévert, prior to a project, Carné film should then run under the title Island of Lost Children ( 1937 ). The screenplay was inspired by the story of a revolt of young persons detained in prison for children Belle-Ile-en-Mer ( 1934 ), during which the authorities organized to recover the fugitives, with a premium hunting which was attended by locals and tourists. Shortly after this event, and before undertaking this scenario, Prévert wrote the poem The Hunting of the child , that Joseph Kosma then put to music.

Twenty minutes of the Flower of age have been mounted. In an interview with Cinematographer magazine (issue 108, March 1985), Arletty explains that nearly half of the film was shot. On the reason for the cessation of production, she said "it was over, it was missed, and here. This happens in life for older stuff ... "
Jacques Prévert seems an apt name :lol:
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