[REQ] "Crashkids" aka "Crash Kids" (1996)

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[REQ] "Crashkids" aka "Crash Kids" (1996)

Postby Ziggy Plock » Fri May 06, 2022 11:23 am  0 likes

I would like to request this one, the German made-for-television film "Crashkids"(1996) aka RFF's "Crash Kids" (1996)
It's also with the incomparable Cosma Shiva Hagen, the third most nude underage German actress, after of course Katja (9 times) and Nastassja with 6... :mrgreen:

Isabell Gerschke from Germany (born 1979) plays 14-year-old Laura. Some OT scenes. Or just the one.
She also plays Muriel Wimmer's mother in "Little Thirteen" and is in one óther otfilm: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=11237

Her birth date is a little unclear, but it's widely reported that she was born in 1979, and that she was 17 when she played this 1996 breakthrough role.
Seems about right, yah? 1996-1979 = 17
But....In this article dated 4 November 2013, it's stated she's still 33 years old, which can only be so if she has a birth date AFTER, so between 5 november 1979 and 31 december 1979

This would be fine if they shot the movie during that time so, november til december '96 ... But according to the usually solid and reliable German movie site Filmportal-DE, the TV-movie was shot much earlier: Mai 1996 - Juni 1996 .... {clack here}

Is it most likely that the article was written months before November 2013 and that the editors didn't change the date? Yes.
If she is born in 1979 AND she was 17 at the time, her birthday is either before May '96 or during shooting.
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