[REL] Die Schokoladenkönigin (2005)

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[REL] Die Schokoladenkönigin (2005)

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storyline from wiky.de

Der Modefotograf Michael Bender ist nach dem Tod seiner Frau durch deren Behandlungskosten hoch verschuldet. Da er sich aber um seine Tochter Sammy kümmert, hat er, obwohl er sehr gefragt ist, seine Karriere auf Eis gelegt. So droht ihm die Pfändung und auch der Verlust des Sorgerechts für Sammy. Sammy freundet sich mit der Konditormeisterin Julia an, die auch Michael sehr gut gefällt. Diese ist zwar nicht abgeneigt, steht aber kurz vor der Hochzeit mit ihrem Jugendfreund, dem Staatsanwalt Wolfgang, was Michael erst erfährt, als er Julia seine Liebe gesteht. Sammy läuft daraufhin verzweifelt weg.



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Re: [REQ] Die Schokoladenkönigin (2005)

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wiky.de via GoogleTrans wrote:Fashion photographer Michael Bender is borrowed heavily after the death of his wife by their treatment costs. But as he takes care of his daughter Sammy, he has, even though he is in great demand to put his career on hold. So, he faces the seizure and the loss of custody of Sammy. Sammy makes friends with the pastry chef Julia, who also Michael liked a lot. Although this is not averse, but is about to marry her childhood friend, the prosecutor Wolfgang what Michael learns only when he confesses his love Julia. Sammy then passes away in despair.
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Re: [REQ] Die Schokoladenkönigin (2005)

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Watch online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sg8FTsAqCU = Like this post to see ed2k links  [533.65 Mb]

Officialy the format is 1280x720 but obviously it's just blown up from 360p. Watched with 50% it looks somewhat better though still not great.
I've cut the last 33 minutes that consist only of repetition.
I'd like to know why so many YouTube posters do this. There must be some competition on YouTube who has the longest :lol: ... movie, of course ;) ...
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Re: [REQ] Die Schokoladenkönigin (2005)

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Warg wrote:I'd like to know why so many YouTube posters do this. There must be some competition on YouTube who has the longest :lol: ... movie, of course ;) ...
People who make money off their YouTube accounts want to post the largest number of videos, which are as long as possible. The more videos on an account the more opportunities for ads. The longer the individual clips the more ad breaks can be inserted into them. It all translates into more $$$. That's why they do it.

Because of this, you get videos that consist of one movie joined together with itself several times. A few really pathetic posters even put up essentially multiple copies of the same video. I use an ad blocker that lets me watch YT uninterrupted so they're not making money off me anyway (I don't think). :D
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Re: [REL] Die Schokoladenkönigin (2005)

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Exactly deadman, that’s the reason why. We must add that the rules of YT are clearly double standard, sometimes they are very harsh on copyrights, deleting your own home video that includes a music that belongs to someone else, but, on the other hand, they let 99% of users post copyrighted material that are not theirs, all these people putting online films, music clips, documentaries, etc., do not hold at all the copyrights, and YT does nothing about it, YT builds its empire on copyrights infringements.
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