[REQ] Kenn' ich, weiß ich, war ich schon! (1981)

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[REQ] Kenn' ich, weiß ich, war ich schon! (1981)

Postby Rich » Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:40 pm  0 likes

Kenn' ich, weiß ich, war ich schon! (1981)

This thing has no plot, or has it? Well, I guess it's somehow about a young and untalented chap trying to make a good movie but failing miserably. In the end, this doesn't matter; and this doesn't even matter to the main character, either, because he succeeds at something much more important to him: getting down with some girl. All in all, watching this movie is really worthwhile, if you're in for studying how bizarre the 70s have been. Or if you're into watching a 13 year old (!!!!) Katja Bienert getting naked. This was the one thing I liked about the film. For the rest of it ... was just plain silly. I rate it with 3 points, because Katja Bienert's role is rather small and she alone doesn't make this movie entertaining (enough).


lol :cool
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Re: [REQ] Kenn' ich, weiß ich, war ich schon! (1981)

Postby ghost » Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:57 pm  0 likes

Hmmmm never heard about this one :think
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Re: [REQ] Kenn' ich, weiß ich, war ich schon! (1981)

Postby Phuzzy4242 » Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:32 am  0 likes

More information...

I know him, I know, I did already!



OFDb.de wrote:A hapless actress (Monica Teuber) tried in Italy as an actress in Western letztklassigen. The production is called off, as the producers turn out to be gangsters. Also, a renewed commitment in Berlin falls flat because the lender looks to the budget into the distance. Now it is expensive for Mona and her pal Herbie good advice.
moviepilot.de wrote:The dream of the great happiness of a starlet, who seeks in Italy in third-rate Western, waiting for his chance. But the producers turn out to be a mafia boss, there are only occasional jobs as a hot dog vendor or a circus clown. Only at the film festival, the young actress is celebrating her life story filmed a brilliant success.

Other than a lot of info about other films Katja Bienert was in, I didn't find anything more for this one.

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