[REQ] I Love You, Om... (2006)

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[REQ] I Love You, Om... (2006)

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I Love You, Om... (2006)

kev wrote:Whoa!! Another interesting film from 'Denny's Hotspot':

'I Love You, Om...'



Denny's Hotspot wrote:Because of losing father's figure and lack of attention from her mother, Dion (Rachel Amanda), 12 years old girl grow into an aggressive girl. Trying to search a father's figure Dion falls in love with Gaza (Restu Sinaga), a 35 years old laundry man. Gaza doesn't realize Dion's love until his girlfriend, Nayla betrayed him. Left with a broken heart, Gaza starts to enjoy Dion's attention. Slowly love begins to grow inside Gaza's heart for Dion. But can they overcome the age differences between them?


Dion (Rachel Amanda) a 12 years old girl falls in love with 32 years old ex-laundry cleaner Gaza (Restu Sinaga). Meanwhile Nayla (Karenina) has a wish to back with Gaza again after getting busted having romance with Laras (Marcha), a ballet teacher.

Starting from the lack of love, Dion finds a ‘guardian angel’ in Gaza. Gaza’s sympathy then gets Dion respons in somewhat extrim way. The little girl suddenly turns ‘grown up’. She starts seeking him, goes to his work place -- a DVD rental, pretends to rent some cartoons. In the other hand, Nayla keeps hunting Gaza.

Back to Dion. The little girl perfectly transforms from an innocent to b!tchy one with all her gestures, cosmetics and dresses. Give Rachel Amanda 2 thumbs up for her acting!

Watching ‘I Love You Om’ could make grown up people goosebump. Is it true that a little girl who’s in love could be this mad? Or, is it true that a grown up man could suddenly go crazy when being loved by a little kid? Dion’s character is so deep, she says, “I love you Om” without any hesitation. She enters a niteclub just to meet his Om, she regularly goes to Om’s place just to buy him chicken noodles. What da hell?!

Eventhough ‘tragic’, this film has so many surprises. And btw, Dion has a secret admirer too….

Seems pretty darn OT in the 'Lolita', 'Little Lips', and 'Mein erstes Wunder' vein... :)

The movie:
http://www.dennyshotspot.com/sinetronpl ... youom.html

Damn, DAMN!!! Wish there was a way to download these movies from this spot!! :think


Now available on youtube! :cool

http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=ros ... s&query=om


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