[REQ] Chispita y sus gorilas (1982)

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[REQ] Chispita y sus gorilas (1982)

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Chispita y sus gorilas (1982)

From what I can gather, this family musical is about a little rich girl that runs away from home, meeting up with two street kids and getting into slapstick-ish mishaps while trying to avoid bumbling kidnappers. A subplot of her mother getting sick and the grandfather trying to track her down, adds the weepy, melodramatic sentimentality to the plot that these type films are noted for.

google translation wrote:Chispita (Macarena Camacho) is an Andalusian girl, endowed with a prodigious voice, whose mother has just passed away. She soon discovers, however, that she was actually adopted. She then decides to find her real mother, and in that adventure she will be helped by her new friends, the children Puñe (Miguel Joven) and Tazo (Miguel Ángel Valero).

Chispita is a 7 year old girl who runs away from home because she does not support her adoptive parents. On the way, she runs into two nice children, Puñe and Tazo, who take her to live with them and the strange couple formed by the paralytic Einstein and the myopic Renata, as well as the priest Don Anselmo. Together they help her find her real mother while the three children succeed as singers forming a group called 'Chispita y sus gorilas'.

(Failed children's film produced by Luis Sanz, representative of well-known actors and producer of several musicals such as "Las cosas del querer" or "La corte de Pharaoh". In spite of being the person in charge of the discovery of Rocío Durcal, Sanz did not manage to throw to the fame to the prodigy Macarena Camacho. In the company of the popular Miguel Joven and Miguel Ángel Valero, better known as "Piraña" and "Tito" of the hit television series "Verano Azul", the girl sings eight songs in her failed attempt to succeed among the children's audience.)


Macarena Camacho was cute as a button in her one and only film role..

Found at uloz:

https://ulozto.cz/!8ibPmGRJM/chispita-y ... camrip-mkv

NOTE: As shown in the title this is a 'Beta Cam Rip', and there's a number of glitches throughout the film; the worst towards the end. If there's a DVD rip from an original film transfer out there, an upgrade would be greatly appreciated!! :)


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