[REQ] Purdie's Day in the Sunlight (2005) [Short]

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[REQ] Purdie's Day in the Sunlight (2005) [Short]

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Purdie's Day in the Sunlight (2005)

The story of a young man named Purdie who sets off to propose to his girl, Mary May. However Mary May has other plans. She is going to dump him because he never wants children. Along the way he meets a little girl who has become separated from her mother in the park. He reluctantly decides to help her find her mother. The two encounter many obstacles along the way including: A "Roller Coaster of Love" boyfriend, dirty cops, and angry cholos. In the end, Purdie and the young girl find her mother and Mary May and they of course, all live happily ever after. Written by Jake Reeves

Can't find it on youtube :(
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