[REL] Iskolakerülők (1989) [Hungary]

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[REL] Iskolakerülők (1989) [Hungary]

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Iskolakerülők (Hungary) (1989)

Also Known As:


Director: Ferenc Kardos
Synopsis: In the country reformatory school both the teacher and the children are trapped by the circumstances. From among the pupils excels Sanyi, who cannot accept the fact thas his mother does not love him and he keeps on escaping after her. From among the teachers it is Mr. Csőrös who distuingishes himself by listening to the children, looking for those who escaped, Sanyi feels affection to erside with his family, prospecting. The mother of Sanyi takes a revenge: he throws the gold collected slander had no ground, Sanyi begins to search for gold as well in order to make his error good.

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