[REL] Cold Comfort (1989)

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[REL] Cold Comfort (1989)

Postby terry666 » Fri Jan 27, 2006 4:18 pm  0 likes

Cold Comfort is a Canadian film that plays on CBC every so often staring Paul Gross from the Due South television show. The girl in the movie is played by Margaret Langrick, who turned 18 when the film was released, so she was possibly a year younger when it was filmed. The movie has two good special scenes and is pretty much on-topic, if not for the question of her age. I couldn't find it on emule, but if it ever plays on TV again over here, I'll be sure to rip it with my new DVR if there's any interest.


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Re: [REQ] Cold Comfort (1989)

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Thanks terry

Thats no older than the casts of most of david hamilton's movies, and they are released here viewtopic.php?t=249&highlight=laura
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Re: [REQ] Cold Comfort (1989)

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