[REL] Some Things That Stay (2004)

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[REL] Some Things That Stay (2004)

Postby FLL » Fri Feb 23, 2007 8:53 am  16 likes


After years of moving, 15-year-old Tamara (Katie Boland) is tired of starting over. When her unconventional family relocates to a conservative country town, she discovers new friends, new romance-and a chance at a normal life. But just as she begins to feel at home, her mother is hospitalized, forcing young Tamara to grow up quickly and find the strength to keep her family from falling apart. Set in rural 1950's America, this luminous coming-of-age story tells a compelling tale of courage, faith, and the incredible power of forgiveness.


An enjoyable and sometimes moving period film from Canada. Depending on how you define OT (heh) the whole film is such, since Katie Boland as Tamara is on screen basically 100% of the time. Tamara's seven year old sister Megan is also of interest. Those with a more narrow definition may want to skip to the clip.

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Re: [REL] Some Things That Stay (2004)

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Thanks man
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Re: [REL] Some Things That Stay (2004)

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Yeah, thanks, FLL :)

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