[REL] Liar, Liar aka Daddy's Little Secret (1992)

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[REL] Liar, Liar aka Daddy's Little Secret (1992)

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I just caught this movie on TCM2 on Satellite. For a film made in the early 1990s it actually packs quite punch which surprised me, a lot of "true life" stories are glossed over but this one tried to stay true to the subject it was portraying, that of incest. It was surprisingly good but quite gut wrenching to watch a child be accused of lying after she accuses her father of molesting her over a number of years.

A little known but fantastic child actress of the time Vanessa King plays Kelley Farrow an 11 year old girl who dares to tell the world that she has been sexually abused by her highly respectable father and in the beginning she is alone because no one, not even her own lawyer believes her.

In fact at first no one believes her because Kelley is known for telling lies and being a "bad girl", she locked her younger brother in the bathroom and was generally disruptive but the root of her behaviour was that she was an abused child crying out for help that never came, least of all from her older sister Chrissie who had left the family home as soon as she could.

Finally Kelly's father Gill Farrow played by the diminutive Canadian actor Art Hindle who was brave to take on such a controversial role has his day in court and it is obvious that he expects to walk out a free man, into the arms of a wife and another daughter who believes he is innocent his daughter Kelley branded a liar as she had been in the past.

But the truth has a way of coming out no matter how hard people try to hide it from sight and Kelley's older sister Chrissie takes the stand and the court hears that Kelley was not his first victim and the child liar is in fact telling the truth, she was a victim of incest as was her older sister.

Based on a true story, Liar Liar is about a child's determination to see justice done for the wrongs inflicted on her by the one person who should have protected her. Her father.


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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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Thanks loverboy!
You could have added this one to the request, and admin would then have simply moved it to release.

No worries though, I used to do the same thing.

Nice find :thumbsup
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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Great work bro
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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I did wonder about adding to the [REQ] thread but after reading Rich's response I made the executive decision to post a fresh release :) :) :)
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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Thanks loverboy!

I deleted the REQ thread.
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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Very good movie.
mr worf12
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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Been looking for this one for ages, thanks alot loverboy. :D
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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As someone who is a fan of Canadian movies, this one proves that there is quality Canadian stories with fine acting.

This movie was good when it first came out, and still is a good movie now.

Vanessa King being Cute doesn't hurt either
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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I used to love bubbles...
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Re: [REL] Liar Liar (1992)

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LOL bubbles spoiled the view.

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