[REL] Dear Santa (2011)

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[REL] Dear Santa (2011)

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Dear Santa is another made for Television Christmas movie, but at least it was filmed in widescreen.


Wealthy socialite Crystal (Amy Acker – Alias; Angel) finds a sad letter from a little girl asking Santa for a special gift – a new wife for her daddy – and decides this is her chance to change her destiny forever. Derek (David Haydn Jones – Judging Amy; Buffy The Vampire Slayer) is a model father to seven-year-old Olivia, but a lonely widower and devoted to the local soup kitchen. In contrast, twenty-eight-year-old Crystal is drifting through life with no purpose, spending her time shopping and partying in New York. After discovering Olivia’s letter to Santa she sets out to find the family, tracking Derek down to his beloved soup kitchen where she is mistaken for a volunteer. Suddenly stylish Crystal is donning a hair net and helping out on a regular basis. As she bonds with Olivia and a connection forms with Derek, will their fate be sealed forever?

The movie is more of a Christmas romance story, but Emma Duke plays a major role in the movie as 7-year-old Olivia (my guess is she is really about 8 or 9).


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