[REL] Slávne dievčatko (1982)

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Re: [REL] Slávne dievčatko (1982)

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Thank you!

Title translates as "The famous girl" or "A famous little girl"

An original television play for young people from the life of the famous pianist Klára Schumann. The famous young pianist Klára Wiecková was one of the brilliantly gifted children of her time. Her father, the well-known piano teacher Professor Wieck, led his daughter to interpretive mastery through strict education and hard work. However, the sensitive little girl longed for the love that she missed so much from her overly rational father. Only when the gifted composer Róbert Schuman entered her life, Klára decides to defy her father's despotism and leave for her beloved. (distributor's official text)
https://www.csfd.sk/film/229976-slavne- ... o/prehlad/

This is the same true-life story that later inspired [REL] Frühlingssinfonie AKA Spring Symphony (1983)
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