[REL] Flyvende farmor AKA Flying Grandmother (2001)

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Re: [REL] Flyvende farmor AKA Flying Grandmother (2001)

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Re: [REL] Flyvende farmor AKA Flying Grandmother (2001)

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What an interesting update, so out of the blue! Thanks Stefan Duke. I looked a little into this movie and found a couple little review that may help with enjoyment of the film.

From imdb:
As I Dane I love this film, and the absurd grotesque but elegant humour of the two guys behind, that best can be described as where Tim Burton goes when he is most 'crazy'.

So many things in their films only 'works' if you are Scandinavian, They are frequently casting yesteryears 'superstars' of Denmark (or other Nordics) in odd roles even small ones. And a lot of other 'internal' jokes.

So for everyone else in the world, these films just seems bad, primarily seeing the superficial outer story, not getting that it is deliberate that the story line is as 'bad' as it is, it is parr of the absurdity. And this is reflected by the poor ratings in here, from people far outside the target group, that should never have wasted their time seeing -nor rating- these films.

When it was released I went to the theatre to see this five times in the first fortnight... A bit like re-seeing The Fifth Element, you just see it for the ride.
And also from imdb:
For Danes this is a must see. Wikke and Rasmussen has a long history of making Danish movies for the entire family; Brødrene Bisp amongst many. Flyvende farmor captures the beautiful Danish landscape as the movie plot brings the main characters from one end of the country to the other. It captures the romantic Ferry rides across the Great Belt (before the Great Belt Bridge was built) and it holds a lot of great songs. It is a movie, where you need to take your times; sit back, relax, and get soaked into history with a truly unique list of great actors.

Some good information before going in to watch this movie, especially for someone like myself, "outside the target audience". Little Eva looks so cute, especially with her little sock puppets.
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